Evolution of VEBA


VEBA v0.7.4


  • Fixed VEBA vSphere UI for subscribing to multiple events for single function

Aug 2022

VEBA v0.7.3


  • New VMware Harbor, Zapier, NSX Tag Sync & Unapproved Portgroup Usage Functions

  • Ported Datastore Usage Email, vSphere HA Restart & Host Maint. Alarm functions to Knative

  • Enhanced pattern matching for EventBridge processor

  • Various Documentation Updates & Bug Fixes

Jul 2022

VEBA v0.7.2


  • New Knative PowerCLI template (quickly get started on building new functions)

  • PowerShell Slack Function enhancement to be event agnostic + customizable message

  • New PowerCLI example function to enforce VDS & DVPortgroup configs

  • Syslog now captures all logs via Fluentbit

  • RabbitMQ (triggers) now supports function scaling to scale out when there’s a burst of events

  • Added Let’s Encrypt documentation

  • Various backend updates (see this blog post for more details)

Mar 2022

VEBA v0.7.1


  • Fix special character handling for VEBA vSphere UI plugin

  • Fix imagePullPolicy for knative-contour in air-gap deployment

  • Improved website documentation

  • More Knative Function Examples

Dec 2021

VEBA v0.7.0


  • New VMware Horizon Event Provider

  • New Generic Webhook Event Provider

  • Embedded cAdvisor for Monitoring

  • Support for External Syslog

  • Lots of new Knative PowerShell & PowerCLI Function Examples

  • Deprecation of OpenFaaS & EventBridge Event Processors

Oct 2021

Listed in IT Magazine

VEBA listed in IT Magazine - details

Jul 2021

VEBA v0.6.1


  • Knative PowerShell / PowerCLI Base Container Image Templates

  • New Knative PowerCLI, Python and Go Function Examples

  • Custom TLS Certificate support

  • Documentation for adding Trusted Root Certificate to VEBA

  • Helm support for Knative

  • Enhanced Release Notes

Jun 2021

VEBA v0.6.0


  • Embedded Knative (new default Event Processor)​

  • vSphere UI integration (H5 Client Plugin)​

  • 1st class PowerShell Support in Knative​

  • Easy vSphere CloudEvents Viewer (Sockeye)

Apr 2021

Listed in CloudEvents.io

VEBA listed on CloudEventsIO site! - details

Oct 2020

VEBA v0.5.0


  • Helm chart for simplified deployment experience

  • Introduced support for external Knative environment​ as the Event Processor

  • Implement at-least-once delivery semantics and improve resiliency across all processors

  • Contributions back to Knative and govmomi for better vSphere eventing integration

Dec 2020

Knative 2020 Annual Report

Listed on Knative in the Wild - Page 07 on Knative 2020 Annual Report

Oct 2020

VEBA v0.4.0


  • Introduced Otto

  • Launched vmweventbroker.io

  • Easier deployment of router in a Kubernetes environment (non-appliance mode) → towards core vSphere integration (e.g. WCP)

  • Introduced DCUI with several EasterEggs

May 2020

VEBA v0.3.0


  • Introduced VMware Event Router

  • Added support for AWS EventBridge as an Event Processor

  • Conformance with CloudEvents

  • Support all vCenter events (incl. full payload)

  • Improved contribution guidelines due to high interest in contributing to VEBA from customers/partners

  • Add more enterprise features, e.g. logging and metrics

Mar 2020

VEBA v0.2.0


  • Added more enterprise details, e.g. proxy support, offline deployments

  • Documentation improvements and more samples from the community

Jan 2020

Launching VEBA v0.1.0

VEBA Fling v0.1.0 released live at VMworld Europe - ‘Do it, do it, do it' chants when @embano1 and @lamw ask if they should release the vCenter Event Broker Appliance fling (powered by @openfaas) live during their session!


  • Introduced VEBA v0.1.0 with OpenFaaS as the default Event Processor​ and vCenter as the Event Provider

Nov 2019


Michael and William meet to discuss use cases, mainly around event-driven automation/notification and compliance (changes to VMs, DRS, etc.)

APR 2019