Getting Started Build Guide for VMware Event Broker Appliance


  • 6 vCPU and 8GB of memory for VMware Event Broker Appliance
  • ESXi host v6.7 or greater
    • Datastore with at least 60GB of free space
    • SSH must be enabled on the host
    • Enable GuestIPHack on the host by running esxcli system settings advanced set -o /Net/GuestIPHack -i 1
  • The following must be installed on your development machine:
  • Development machine must have the firewall disabled for the duration of the build

    Note: It has been seen that Packer can bind to an IPv6 on the development machine - you may wish to disable IPv6!

  • Development machine must be on the same L2 subnet as the target VM portgroup defined in builder_host_portgroup below

Step 1 - Clone the VMware Event Broker Appliance Git repository

git clone

Step 2 - Edit the photon-builder.json file to configure the vSphere endpoint for building the VMware Event Broker Appliance

  "builder_host": "",
  "builder_host_username": "root",
  "builder_host_password": "VMware1!",
  "builder_host_datastore": "vsanDatastore",
  "builder_host_portgroup": "VM Network"

Note: If you need to change the default root password on the VMware Event Broker Appliance, take a look at photon-version.json

Step 3 - The veba-bom.json will need to be updated to specify the branch you wish to build the vCenter Event Broker Appliance code from whether that is from master, a release- branch or from development. Below are two examples of how to correctly set the versions needed prior to building.

Note: The default BOM version in development will be the development branch. No changes will be necessary unless you wish to build from a release or master branch.

Example 1 (build from master branch):

".veba.version" => "v0.5.0"
"vmware-event-router.version" => "v0.5.0"
"vmware-event-router.containers[0].version" => "v0.5.0"

Example 2 (build from development branch):

".veba.version" => "development"
"vmware-event-router.version" => "development"
"vmware-event-router.containers[0].version" => "development"
  • master branch will be reflected using a stable tag, e.g. v0.5.0
  • Any release- branch will be reflected using release- omitting v for backwards-compat reasons, e.g. release-0.5.0
  • Router image tags, based on the branch where changes are pushed to, will use :v0.5.0 for master, :release-0.5.0 for release- and :development on every push to development branch. In addition, the master and development container images will also be tagged with the corresponding COMMIT_ID of the pushed commit.

Step 4 - Start the build by running the build script


If you wish to automatically deploy the VMware Event Broker Appliance after successfully building the OVA, please take a look at the script samples located in the test directory.

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