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In the Makefile we provide make targets for building a binary and validating changes via unit/integration tests (make test). These tests will run when a pull request is submitted, but in order to run them locally to verify your changes you need to have the following bits installed:

make unit-test:

  • go tool chain
  • make
  • gofmt

To run the integration tests without the need to create the testbed manually use the following script:


  • go tool chain
  • jq
  • kind
  • docker

Build VMware Event Router from Source

Note: This step is only required if you made code changes to the Go code.

This repository uses ko to build and push container artifacts. goreleaser is used to build binary artifacts.


  • go
  • ko to build images (does not require Docker)
  • goreleaser to build executable binaries
  • make
  • A container runtime like Docker or cri to run images/integration tests locally
  • kind to run integration tests

For convenience a Makefile is provided.

# from within the vmware-event-router folder

  make [target]

  help                  Display usage
  tidy                  Sync and clean up Go dependencies
  build                 Build binary
  gofmt                 Check code is gofmted
  unit-test             Run unit tests
  integration-test      Run integration tests (requires Kubernetes cluster w/ OpenFaaS or use hack/
  test                  Run unit and integration tests

To build an image with kind:

# only when using kind: 
# export KIND_CLUSTER_NAME=kind
# export KO_DOCKER_REPO=kind.local

export KO_DOCKER_REPO=my-docker-username
export KO_COMMIT=$(git rev-parse --short=8 HEAD)
export KO_TAG=$(git describe --abbrev=0 --tags)

# build, push and run the router in the configured Kubernetes context 
# and vmware Kubernetes namespace
ko resolve -BRf deploy/event-router-k8s.yaml | kubectl -n vmware apply -f -

To delete the deployment:

ko -n vmware delete -f deploy/event-router-k8s.yaml

Note: For _test.go files your editor (e.g. vscode) might show errors and not be able to resolve symbols. This is due to the use of build tags which gopls currently does not support. In vscode add this to your configuration:

"go.toolsEnvVars": {
       "GOFLAGS": "-tags=integration,unit"

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