The Event Specification

The event payload structure used by the VMware Event Broker Appliance uses the CloudEvents v1 specification for cross-cloud portability.

Events produced by the supported event providers, e.g. vcenter and horizon are JSON-encoded and injected into the CloudEvents data attribute. The current data content-type, which is sent as payload to a supported event processor, is application/json.

Based on defined triggers, the broker in the VMware Event Broker Appliance sends these events to registered event processors (i.e. functions). By default, the broker sends CloudEvents via the HTTP protocol using binary encoding. That is, the key CloudEvent attributes, e.g. id, source, type, etc. are set via HTTP headers. The HTTP body contains the event as emitted by the event provider, e.g. vcenter.

Please use one of the provided CloudEvents SDKs to ease the consumption and handling of these events.


The following example shows a converted CloudEvent published by the vcenter event provider (optimized for readability) using CloudEvent HTTP binary mode transport encoding.

HTTP Headers

Key HTTP headers used:

  "Ce-Id": "08179137-b8e0-4973-b05f-8f212bf5003b",
  "Ce-Source": "https://vcenter-01:443/sdk",
  "Ce-Specversion": "1.0",
  "Ce-Subject": "VmPoweredOnEvent",
  "Ce-Time": "2021-09-27T19:02:54.063Z",
  "Ce-Type": "com.vmware.event.router/event",
  "Content-Type": "application/json",


  • id: The unique ID (UUID v4) of the event
  • source: The vCenter emitting the embedded vSphere event (FQDN resolved when available)
  • specversion: The CloudEvent specification the used
  • subject: The vCenter event name (CamelCase)
  • type: The canonical name of the event class in “.” dot notation
  • time: Timestamp when this event was produced by the event provider (vcenter)
  • content-type: Data (payload) encoding scheme used (JSON)


The event as emitted by vCenter:

  "Key": 23192,
  "ChainId": 23182,
  "CreatedTime": "2021-09-27T19:02:54.063Z",
  "UserName": "VSPHERE.LOCAL\\Administrator",
  "Datacenter": {
    "Name": "vcqaDC",
    "Datacenter": {
      "Type": "Datacenter",
      "Value": "datacenter-2"
  "ComputeResource": {
    "Name": "cls",
    "ComputeResource": {
      "Type": "ClusterComputeResource",
      "Value": "domain-c7"
  "Host": {
    "Name": "",
    "Host": {
      "Type": "HostSystem",
      "Value": "host-33"
  "Vm": {
    "Name": "test-vm-1",
    "Vm": {
      "Type": "VirtualMachine",
      "Value": "vm-45"
  "Ds": null,
  "Net": null,
  "Dvs": null,
  "FullFormattedMessage": "test-vm-1 on in vcqaDC is powered on",
  "ChangeTag": "",
  "Template": false

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